Mandatory diagnostic checks: the ERNMT becomes the ESRIS

A decree from 18th December 2017 has changed the model of the form used to inform tenants and buyers about natural and technological risks.
As of 1st January 2018, the ERNMT (the reporting of natural hazards, mining and technological risks) has become the ESRIS, which is the state of risks and soil information.

Aside from this change in title, the the form now includes soil pollution and poses a new question: “is the land located in the soil information sector (SIS): yes or no?” New information is also being asked in the ‘technological risk prevention plan’ category.

This diagnostic check will remain valid for the same amount of time, namely 6 months. As for any ERNMTs established before 1st January 2018, they will remain valid for 6 months after their establishment.

To find out more about mandatory diagnostic checks, I invite you to read the following articles (in French):

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