Individual police forms: a new obligation for furnished accommodation

Anyone who rents out a furnished apartment or bed and breakfast accommodation must complete an individual police record for occupants of foreign nationality, including European Union nationals. This is a difficult requirement to implement and is not subject to any penalty.

Renting furnished accommodation: when must you complete an individual police form? And for whom?

Remember that “furnished accommodation” is defined by the Tourism Code as a villa, apartment or furnished studio (whether or not it has a designatedtourist property classification) for the exclusive use of the tenant, which is offered for rent to short-term visitors whose stay is determined by the day, week or month.
This new obligation – created under Decree No. 2015-1002 of 18 August 2015 – relates to all occupants of the furnished accommodation, not just the tenant alone. However, children under 15 years of age can be included on the same record as an accompanying adult.
In practice, owners may have difficulty completing forms for all occupants, who may not necessarily be present when the keys are handed over.

What information does an individual police form contain?

An individual police form must include the following personal details:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth,
  • Nationality,
  • Usual address abroad,
  • Mobile phone number and email address,
  • Date of arrival date at the furnished accommodation and planned departure date.

How long should individual police forms be kept, and what are the penalties?

The records thus created must be kept for six months and handed over to the police and gendarmerie units on request. Records can be sent via electronic transmission.
The obligation to complete these forms is not subject to any sanction, so in practice it is quite likely that the signing of this extra document on arrival will be “forgotten”.

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