Furnished rentals: who are the professionals staying in Paris?

Lodgis, specialist of furnished rentals in Paris, undertook a study on its “professional” clientele to understand better who they are and what are their needs in terms of temporary housing in Paris. Indeed, furnished rentals represent a type of housing that companies are increasingly promoting to accommodate their employees traveling to Paris, at a low cost: according to the Lodgis barometer, around one out of two tenants is a professional on a mission, training or expatriation in Paris. Here are the results of this study.

Professionals traveling to Paris mostly come from Europe and France

30,5% of tenants coming to Paris for a mission are French professionals and 37,3% come from the rest of Europe. This might sound obvious, since France enjoys close economic ties with all the UE countries. The other France’s weighty economical partner, North America, counts 15% of professionals in furnished rentals.

Professionals traveling to Paris give priority to the living environment

Around half of the professionals in furnished rentals (49%) choose one-bedroom apartments for their stay in Paris, thus favoring the standard of living. 34% prefer a studio, particularly when they are on a budget. Finally, the largest apartments are often chosen by business expatriates who settle in Paris with their family.
Business travelers have high standards and request full equipment (household appliances, internet, etc.) for their everyday comfort. This quality of service comes with a price: The rents for furnished properties are more expensive than for unfurnished ones (between €1000 and €4700 depending on the type of property rented).

Professionals traveling to Paris, don’t necessarily live close to their workplace

Contrarily to what we could think, business travelers don’t choose to live close to their workplace while staying in Paris. Indeed, the Hauts-de-Seine department, where numerous companies are located, hosts only 11% of professional tenants in furnished rentals. In theory, they tend to favor the living environment instead of the workplace proximity: 25% settle in the center of Paris and 24% in the Parisian East.

According to Lodgis study, 70% of professional tenants stay in Paris for more than 6 months. Thus, we understand furnished rentals are very successful among companies which consider it as a real alternative, more comfortable and often less expensive, compared to hotels’ offers, for instance. Furnished rentals in Paris seem to have a bright future ahead thanks to companies and employees’ mobility.

Find all the study and the corresponding infographics on Lodgis website: Furnished rentals in Paris: who are the traveling professionals?
As well as on the Figaro.fr (in french): Mais qui sont donc les locataires des appartements loués en meublés à Paris ?

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