Furnished rentals in Paris: slight increase in rents and lots more professionals

Lodgis has published its latest quarterly barometer on furnished rentals in Paris (for the 2nd quarter of 2018): here is what you need to know!

Rents for Parisian furnished rentals have increased slightly in the last quarter: +1.5% compared to Q2 2017. It should be noted, however, that rents in the central arrondissements of Paris (1-8) have decreased slightly, which could be explained by an increase in the supply of furnished apartments. In fact, Lodgis has noticed that some landlords who used to rent out their properties using Airbnb (mainly those situated in the tourist areas in the centre of Paris) are now turning towards classic furnished rentals in order to avoid being hassled by Paris City Hall.

Other information to note: professionals travelling for business are resorting more and more to using furnished rentals for their stays in Paris. In fact, 56% of tenants of furnished properties were in Paris for professional reasons (which is an increase of 5 points compared to the 2nd quarter of 2017). A direct consequence of the renewed economic attractiveness of Paris? Most likely: according to the latest barometer carried out by EY in June 2018 on France’s international attractiveness, Paris has overtaken London for the first time as the most attractive European city for foreign bosses!

Finally, it can be noted that there are still as many French clients who favour furnished rentals for their stays in Paris (33%), just like Europeans, who represent 30.5% of tenants staying in furnished rentals, which is an increase of 3.5 points, illustrating the return of economic growth in Europe and the attractiveness of Paris.

Find the details of Lodgis’ quarterly barometer on furnished rentals in Paris (Q2 2018) by clicking here.

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