The ALUR law applied further regulations to any furnished rental considered a tenant’s principal residence (read the article Furnished rental for the tenant’s main residence is more closely regulated through the ALUR law), but it lacked an inventory of the mandatory items of furniture which the new law would demand.

Indeed, until now, furnished housing was considered decent as long as it was equipped with a quantity and quality of furniture sufficient to allow a tenant adequate means to eat, sleep, and live according to their everyday needs.
Now, the Decree of July 31, 2015 – published on August 5 – officially lists the requisite furniture all furnished rentals must contain. From 1 September 2015 furnished accommodation, as earlier mentioned in Article 25-4 of the legal provisions of 6 July 1989, should have at least the following 11 elements of furniture:

  1. Bedding which includes a quilt or blanket
  2. Shutters or curtains in any room to be used as a bedroom
  3. A cooking hob
  4. An oven or microwave oven
  5. A Fridge-freezer, or at least a refrigerator with a freezer compartment at a maximum temperature of – 6 ° C
  6. Essential crockery for meals
  7. Kitchenware
  8. Table and chairs
  9. Storage Shelves
  10. Lighting
  11. Household maintenance equipment adapted to the features of the accommodation

This brief list does not really add anything new, apart from perhaps a little more detail about the domestic appliances which must be provided. It leaves the landlord free to add and upgrade equipment for a better rental return…

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