Furnished or unfurnished rentals: mandatory gas and electricity diagnosis starting from July 2017

New diagnosis have to be provided by the lessor to the tenants in order to inform them on the state of the rental interior electrical and gas facilities, if the dwelling has more than 15 years. The goal is to evaluate the risks that are likely to harm the future tenants’ safety.

When to append these diagnosis to the rental contract?

Whether the rental is unfurnished or furnished, used as main or secondary residence, the owner-lessor has the obligation to provide their tenant with a complete tecnical diagnosis file the day of the lease agreement signature. Gas and electricity diagnosis have, thus, to be attached to the rental contract constituting the tenant’s main residence but also to the seasonal rental contracts.

If the booked unfurnished or furnished rental is located in a building of which the construction authorization was delivered before January, 1st of 1975, these new diagnosis have to be appended to all the firmed rental contracts starting from July, 1st 2017.

For all the other dwellings, the diagnosis have to be attached to the signed contracts starting from January, 1st of 2018.

What are the information provided by the electrical diagnosis?

The inside electrical installation condition is inspected in the privative portions of the accommodation as well as its outbuildings. It has to verify in six security facts the presence of :

  • a general control and protection device; and its accessibility;
  • at least one differential sensitivity device suitable for grounding conditions, at the origin of the electrical installation;
  • an overcurrent protection device adapted to the cross-section of the conductors, on each circuit;
  • an equipotential connection and an electrical installation adapted to the particular conditions of the rooms containing a bathtub or a shower.

Besides, this new diagnosis should identify:

  • obsolete electrical equipment, unsuitable for use or presenting risks of direct contact with live elements;
  • unprotected conductors.

Gas diagnosis information

The interior gas facilities inspection verifies in three security points the existence of:

  • the status of fixed appliances for heating and production of domestic hot water or using a thermal engine, fueled by gas;
  • the status of stationary gas supply piping and its accessories;
  • the layout of the rooms where the gas appliances work, allowing the ventilation of these rooms and the evacuation of the products of combustion.

As a reminder, the Alur law also planned to add to the technical diagnosis file to join to the rental contract, an inspection mentioning the lack, or if necessary, the presence of asbestos-containing materials or products in the construction. A decree still awaited to this day.

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