Maud Velter
Maud Velter
Advice for settling and living in Paris
Associate and Legal Director of Lodgis, furnished rentals and property law specialist

The reasons pushing me to start this blog on furnished rentals

Share my knowledge, expertise and questions on furnished rentals…

I am utterly convinced that furnished rentals are more than ever a highly sought-after type of rental housing which is the perfect solution to current generations and future generations’ mobility issues. It’s clear to me that it remains one of the only attractive investment opportunities in an unstable and unpredictable environment.

Facing the constant evolution of legal and tax regulations, I wanted to share my knowledge, skills and experience through this blog for everyone to access specific real estate information.

… after a legal law degree in real estate law

It was during my legal studies at Assas University that I’ve become particularly interested in real estate law and tax law. My degree in notarial studies and several years of real estate experience working towards a major Parisian study’s development enabled me to deepen my knowledge and skills in the aforementioned fields.
In 2006 I joined the family-owned company Lodgis which is located in Paris and specialized in furnished rentals, as an Associate and Legal Director.


In addition to my work at Lodgis, I participate in conferences on furnished short-term/vacation rentals’ legal and tax issues and organize training programs dedicated to these issues with the help of chartered accountants, on a regular basis.
>> Should you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to send me an email via the form below.

couverture du guide de la location meublée et saisonnière 3ème édition


As I am always keen to inform and advise investors, I’ve also co-authored with my brother Fabrice Petit (CEO of Lodgis) “Practical handbook of furnished short-term rentals” (in French – Edition: Maxima). Tips, practical approaches, legal regulation, tax benefits… This handbook will help landlords to avoid inconvenience and get the highest yield possible of their rental property.

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